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garcia: emily, this call for you from a sean mcallister came to my phone accidentally. it sounded very important. sean. i was gonna call you back. i just--i got busy on a case. ian doyle vanished from prison. interpol can't find him. what are you saying? he's off the grid, emily. [ring] prentiss, what's going on with you? i've been watching you the last couple of days and something is obviously bothering you.
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derek, because i like you, i'm going to ask you not to do this. [tires screeching] [speaking french] i want to talk to sean. they got her. drop the phone. get on the ground, now. am i in danger? we all are. tsia, it's emily. where are you? bois du boulogne. well, that's a significant change of address. that's not the only change. i got engaged. wow. so you and jeremy are gonna... that's great. that's great. emily, what's wrong? have you heard from sean?
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yes, he's been calling me for days. but you haven't talked to him? i don't work for him anymore. i'm out. so's doyle. sean thinks we're all in danger. but i was the only one who had any personal connection to him. as far as doyle is concerned, lauren reynolds died in a car accident. jeremy and i made sure of that. ok? i want to hear yousure say it.. go on. lauren reynolds is dead. sweetie, trust me. you died and we're all good. ok. just be careful. and give jeremy my love. bye. who's lauren reynolds? she was a friend of mine. how did she die? a car accident. i'm really sorry. rossi: good morning. hotch: let's get started. garcia: hey. thank you all for coming. and time is of the essence. ok. molly grandin, 25 years old,
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she's been missing approximately 24 hours. her car was found abandoned in a strip mall parking lot. syracuse police chief just called me to tell me that 4 months ago another woman, gailangston, also 25, went missing. garcia: gail's body washed up 3 days later in onondaga lake. she'd been held captive, her hands and feet smashed, and then she was stabbed to death. hotch: her car was found in the same parking lot as molly grandin's. other than abandoned cars, what makes them think it's the same offender? both women packed a bag with enough clothes and toiletries to last them for the weekend, and in both cases, the bags were found in the car along with their purses and cell phones. if the unsub is sticking to the same m.o., then molly only has 36 hours left. let's go. the plane awaits. please! please, somebody help me! somebody help me! somebody help me! please! oh, my god. please, somebody help me!
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both easily overpowered and controlled. well, at 25 they'd be much older than most undergrads at s.u. you know, their college transcripts are littered with incompletes and missed semesters. both from blue-collar backgrounds with no scholarship. must be hard to keep up while working a full-time job. so going to a private school could have been worth it for appearances' sake. if the unsub met them on campus, he could be another student. he may not be a student. he might be an employee. janitorial staff, security. uses a similar background to bond with the victims? they both packed bags to go away with him for the weekend. that trip's romantic. yeah, he's not just getting to know them, he's dating them. prentiss, go to molly's apartment. if she knew the abductor, there might be evidence there. reid and morgan, go to the dump site. but gail's body was found almost 4 months ago. won't all the evidence be gone by now? you can actually find out a lot about an unsub by where they choose to leave tir victims. [ring] yeah, garcia, what do you got? syracuse police chief barrows brought a suspect in for questioning 5 minutes ago. his name is lyle donaldson.
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molly's ex-boyfriend. donaldson's got a boat. fish twice a month in the same area where gail langston was found. he was also a student in a class with her at s.u. and he's got an anger problem. 3 arrests for assault. yeah. 2 of them were for beating up molly grandin. it's gotta be him, right? it's unusual for serial killers to go after someone so easily linked to them, but we'll see if he fits the profile. i didn't know gail langston. yeah, we had a class together, but there were like 100 people in it. i barely went, anyway. i knew gail was murdered, but... that looks like torture. my client is sitting here with you, agent rossi. how could he be off torturing his ex-girlfriend at the same time? lyle, do you know anyo with a cabin? a fishing buddy?
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someplace private to keep molly tied up until you get back? . man, this is insane. i would never hurt-- ok, look, i did some things that i'm not proud of, but-- that's enough. but i could never do this. the last time you beat her up, did she dump you? heas arrested but never formally charged with assault. ok, fine. after you broke molly's jaw, did she still want to date you? look, we always managed to work things out. but not this time. she was lying. she was seeing somebody else. who? i don't know. but it was obvious. molly, she changed. she changed the way that she dressed, and she was ing out to clubs. when you two were together, did you control what she wore, where she went?
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this guy's into controlling her, too. you know, a body would be found here rather quickly, especially if it wasn't weighed down. there was no postmortem damage from being tied to the weights. everything else about gail's capture was carefully planned. it seems unlikely this guy would just suddenly panic and lose control. this guy prioritizes control. i mean, gail's body was beaten in a very specific way-- a mallet to the hands and feet. look at this. the stab wounds are parallel to each other. they look more like puncture wounds. the m.e. thinks it's a phillips head screwdriver. which means he uses tools instead of traditional weapons. the wounds definitely have a purpose. did you visit molly in the emergency room about 5 months ago? of course i did. and bought her a car after that. why? she could have died in that accident.
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riding a bike around in this city with the weather? too dangerous. molly told you she was in a bike accident? yeah. yes. you knew she was in an abusive relationship. what she said, it wasn't like that. was she always attracted to men who hit her? molly is not like that. my daughter's got all as in school. she's holding down a full-time job. she's gonna get a degree at s.u. i never hit my daughter. not once. thank you.
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"today i do, tomorrow i will"? maybe this guy thought he was sinking the body by filling it with water. well, i mean, at first he'd be right, but after a few hours, the decaying tissue would create gas and the body would become buoyant. so this guy wanted to watch her die, then sink beneath the surface. that sounds like classic water burial, right? well, everything points that way, except for one thing. most water burials are exclusively done by females. until now, victimology, m.o., and physical abuse indicated a ma offender. until now. [cell phone rings] prentiss. morgan and i think we might be looking for a female offender. that explains why there was no sign of sexual assault. with an unsub this obsessed with control and power, it's usually part of the territory. it looks like there was a female living in the other bedroom
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in molly's apartment. we'd have been told if she had a roommate. yeah, so molly must have wanted to keep it a secret for a reason. whoever she was, she left recently and in a hurry. i'll put a canvass out now. thanks, reid. so, neighbors did see a woman coming and going from molly's apartment over the last few months, but nobody saw her close enough to get a sketch. and no one met her? no. the best description we got was white female, mid-20s, light-brown hair, plain. molly never mentioned a roommate to her father or her coworkers. lyle didn't know, either. is he still here? we couldn't charge him, so his lawyer walked him out. all right, so we need to start over, go back over both gail and molly's cases and look at everything from the perspective of a female unsub. i'll bring in gail's family and ask about the women in her life. prentiss, you and seaver go back over to molly's apartment. find out what else she's hiding. if you could just call my father and make it where he thinks something happened to me.
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really? think that through. who would i say i was? i'm not sure. i don't know. well, you've done this before. i haven't. jane? don't leave me here, ok? [footsteps approaching] come on, molly. you gotta relax, molls. trust me, no one looks good when they're freakin' out. [clicks tongue] i'm still shaken up. i'm sorry. move on. you're grang when you're anxious. i woke up terrified. i thought i'd been kidnapped by some psycho. what was i supposed to do? [sighs] every day babies enter the world. and it's cold and bright and they're naked. what do they do? cry? no. they trust. they cling to their mother's breast and accept love.
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today i do... tomorrow i will. [crying] she was overdosing on daily affirmations. yeah, saying you're happy isn't the same as being happy. i got it. oh. i think i found her dark secret. and this... is a diet journal. check with garcia. see if her spending reflects a disorder. garcia: hey. hey. seaver. how much money did molly spend on food every week? 30 bucks a week at the grocery store. thai food every friday. yikes, she is worse than me. $8.00 a day for coffee.
4:24 pm
can you go back a couple months? yeah. oh, my. back then the spending tells an entirely different story of the unhealthy sort. lots of drugstore purchases, fast food places. only a few dollars a week at the grocery. carrots and hot sauce. and then 17 bucks at mcdonald's. binge night. anything in the journal? it's intense. she recorded not only what she put into her body but what came out. calories expended during exercise, and she weighed her bowel movements. anorexia/bulimia. the last entry is 10 weeks before she disappeared. when did her spending change? about 3 months ago. she got a membership at a yoga studio and stated paying for cooking classes. thanks. we need to find out if gail langston had a similar pattern before she was killed. rossi's speaking with her family right now. [cell phone rings] did gail have many friends? oh, gail never had a lot of girlfriends. she... believe me, if she'd met one,
4:25 pm
it would have been big news. was she staying with anyone? photos of her apartment show a roll-out sofa made up as a bed. in that little place? no, absolutely not. if family came to town, ey stayed at the house. were you close with your sister? we used to tell each other everything. thick as thieves, those two. she was different in the last few months before she was murdered. she got real secretive. peter, that makes it sound so bad. how else had she changed? she was a lot better. she was happier, more confident. she went back to school, finally. and she was working really hard. why did she take time off from school? she wanted to-- she had depression. really bad. she was moody, that's all. was she ever treated for depression?
4:26 pm
once i found her in the bathtub. that was an accident. i took her to the e.r. and they admitted her to some program. after that she was ok. you know, up and down, but the doctor said that was normal. was she seeing a therapist or attending a support group? she only spoke in terms of expelling negative thoughts or visualizing her truth. she was a lot better. but she wasn't herself. what about the phrase, "today i do, tomorrow i will"? that's the one that she used the most. and it was working. [whimpering] [gasping]
4:27 pm
you know, this phrase doesn't seem to have a particular source or author. it's found in pretty much every self-help book-- i read 22 of them today-- all touting the same basic 3-part plan. let me guess-- phase one is positive thinking, visualizing goals. that's to work up the courage to get to phase 2-- taking real steps to achieve said goal. gail committed to school, got grades like never before. molly gave up her obsessive food journal and started eating better. it's hard to believe motivational sayings alone
4:28 pm
would allow her to make these type of strides. maybe that's why the unsub moved in with them. she could offer support and encouragement day and night. she'd be around to watch molly's diet or gail's study habits. at first her methods worked. she gets to be the hero, the savior. she's a pure narcissist, so helping her victims is only about gaining their appreciation and dependence. the more her victims gain confidence, the less they need a full-time cheerleader. and that's when her motivationallan goes completely off the rails. phase 3 is normally about maintaining the tenets of the program independently. but her progm doesn't end. she holds them captive, destroys them physically. she's the motivational speaker from hell. what were you doing on the floor? were you trying to walk all by yourself? you were gone a long time. i had to get supplies for you. you don't want to get infected from old bandages, do you? maybe i should go to a hospital. nonsense. you are not a burden.
4:29 pm
i can't walk or go to the bathroom by myself. ah. that's why i got you these. voila. you want me to wear diapers? it's nothing to be ashamed of. just till you get back on your feet. i need a doctor, a real one. i might have some painkillers somewhere. i don't use them because i prefer to build character. jane, i need help. please let me out of here. i don't want to die in this room. hey, now. what is all this negativity? you are gonna be fine. taking care of people is what i do best. it's my life's calling. i just want to go home. [laughs] you' adorable. you said yourself, you can't even walk or go to the bathroom. the first step is always admitting we need help. next, we visualize.
4:30 pm
imagine you're walking across this room. i see it now. you are doing great. halfway there. now say it with me. today i do, tomorrow i will. today i do, tomorrow i will. again. but this time just believe it even more. today i do, tomorrow i will. great. we're looking for a white woman in her mid-20s, most likely blue collar and local to the syracuse area. she probably has a job that puts her in the role of caretaker, such as a masseuse, a nail or hair stylist, personal trainer. women feel comfortable opening up to her about their personal lives, revealing details about their insecurities that she later uses to manipulate them. do you think she tries to pass herself off as a therapist or a counselor of some sort? that's doubtful. her narcissistic personality wouldn't allow her to listen to anything that didn't revolve around her for more than a few minutes at a time. it's hard to len anything when you always need to the expert. we don't think she's capable of getting a degree of any kind.
4:31 pm
wouldn't she need some kind of certification for the jobs you're talking about? she would, but she's a master manipulator. she probably talked her way into many jobs before they realized her credentials were fake. so check gyms and spas, salons, yoga studios for employees fired in the last 2 years. we need to i.d. this woman as fast as possible if we want any chance of finding molly grandin alive. why didn't you tell us molly battled with severe anorexia? i didn't know. all right, look, it's not as bad as you're making it out to be here. she was always a chubby kid, right? she always had to watch what she ate. did she get treatment? we don't believe in stuff like that. we're hard-workers. we like to solve our own problems. it's urgent that you tell me evething that you know. mr. grandin, i'm having difficulty understanding why keeping molly's secrets is more important than finding her alive. it's not. she just wouldn't want anyone knowing her personal problems.
4:32 pm
your daughter is specifically vulnerable to this suspect because of her private emotional issues. now, we need to know as much about molly as does the person who's holding her captive. so i'm going to ask you again, are there any other secrets you're not sharing with me? she collapsed about a year ago. malnutrition. anemia. she...she wasn't eating. did she get treatment? 30 days. uh, finley center for eating disorders. at syracuse general. yeah. why? gail langston was treated there for depression. i should have told you. yeah.
4:33 pm
fantastic. i'm so impressed. now you'll appreciate every step you take, because you earned it. so, uh, where are you on your positivity spectrum? a 4. no, i mean a 9. i don't buy it. your mind is somewhere else. no, i'm right here with you. you're thinking about lyle again, aren't you? no, i--i'm done with him. not even gonna be friends. really? i'm...i'm so proud of you. don't be. he's the one who ended it. oh. i bet that makes you want him now more than ever. how many times did y promise me you wouldn't see him, then you did, sneaking around and lying? let's not fight about lyle. why don't we watch a movie? how many times does he have to put you in the hospital before you realize he'll never change? he doesn't care about your feelings.
4:34 pm
i know. no, you don't! i am trying to save you from yourself. now, conversation clearly does not help you. i am done talking. [door slams] [door locks] garcia, both families released their daughters' medical records. have you gotten access to those yet? yes. both women went to the same hospital but for different programs and at different times. maybe the unsub works at the hospital? even if she conned her way into a job, i doubt she'd last long enough to get close to patient files. we were off on our profile. she doesn't find her victims by chance like we thought. she hunts them. garcia, does syracuse general keep their surveillance footage of the entrances and exits? oh, in this age of black market pharmaceutical drug trade, you betcha. i can get you that. [cell phone rings] excuse me. tsia? he's gone. who? what's going on? jeremy's dead.
4:35 pm
what? i got home from work and he was just lying there. he'd been in the shower. i don't know. i couldn't see anything. they think it was a clot. he's not even 40. how could-- he didn't have a pulse, so i called the ambulance. they tried to revive him, but... did somebody break in? uh--i don't think so. look--look, he was out for his run. h's training for a marathon. was it his usual path? yes. but he came back early. he...he called me, said he wasn't feeling well. did he fall down on the path? did anyone run into him? oh, god. how long have we been talking? you've got to get out of there. get a flight. leave france, get back to america. cash transactions only from here on out. am i clear? it's him, isn't it? it's doyle.
4:36 pm
toss that cell phone and get home safely. oh, thanks, hon. i can't believe you got my favorite beer. now, molly and gail had different doctors, but both went to syracuse general pharmacy. assuming they were stalked, you know, 10 to 14 weeks before their disappearance, i went ahead and started with footage from when they went to get refills, which falls right into that time window. behold--gail langston, july 3rd. see that woman a few steps behind her with the large cup of coffee? check this out. a few weeks later, there she is again. the same woman is following her. creepy. she's wearing the same scarf as gail. [music playing] turn that up. garcia, did this woman follow a similar pattern when she was stalking molly?
4:37 pm
emily, you're totally ruining the ending. here's molly and the stalker on november 8th. what do you know? she went shopping. they're carrying identical purses. and then 15 minutes later on their way out. so she stalks them, copies them, and uses it to strike up a conversation. oh, my g. this is the best damn bootleg that rush ever did. here is nice clean one of our stalker lady person. ok, now, can you blow that up and print it? yeah. i'm doing it as we speak. how did you know this was my favorite? [chuckles] i didn't. i guess we just have a lot in common.
4:38 pm
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sink your teeth into that. dannon oikos. the new protein. ♪ dannon gail langston's family says they've never seen her before. molly's father said the same thing. i sent the picture to lyle's lawyer, but he says he can't find him. roommates haven't seen him since he left here yesterday. where's his car? also missing. put out an apb for lyle donaldson and the vehicle. oh, man. the whole room is spinning. it does that. [laughs] hey. come on, baby, i gotta take a leak. i bet. you drank like a fiend. what's wrong, now? nothing. everything's perfect. you did exactly what i figured you'd do.
4:43 pm
i told molly the truth about you a million times, but she couldn't get it through her thick skull. she's a visual learner, i guess. wait. [music plays] how do you know molly? god, you're stupid. hey--hey, do you know where molly is right now? of course i do. i actually care about her. you are a cancer. but luckily, i found a cure. hey! hey! barrows found lyle's car in the same parking lot where molly and gail's cars were found. she's got him, too. she's too obsessed with power and control to work with anyone, especially somebody like lyle. he's dominating and violent, just like her. if anything, she sees him as a threat. but why take him now, with all this heat? she's not done with molly yet.
4:44 pm
i have a surprise for you. you gonna let me go outside? even better. i am gonna set you free. mmm. this bootleg is amazing. lyle: come here. [jane moans] uh-huh? yeah. mmm... feel good? it feels great. do i make you feel good? you make me feel... ohh... ohh! i like that. ha ha! ahh! you're good. come here. ahh. lyle: best i ever had. ohh... [jane giggles]
4:45 pm
garcia, dr. weingold at syracuse general sent us an extensive list of female patients in their mid-20s that match our profile. she's most likely local, raised by a single parent or in foster care. garcia: ok, narrowing it down. this unsub likes familiar places. look for extended family or previous addresses. did any of them grow up near onondaga lake? ok. wait, wait. here's one that might fit. jane gould. her grandparents had a house near maple bay, which is where gail's body was found. are they still alive? no. they died when jane was in middle school. is the grandparents' house currently occupied? yeah. water and power all paid up. that's the one place she got attention from a parental figure. she feels at home and in charge there. i'll send you an address. i'm calling up her photo right now. hold on. oh, lord. oh, lord. i'll send you an address. this is her.up this is the creepy stalker woman from the surveillance video. i know. it hurts. lyle didn't even care that you were missing.
4:46 pm
how low do you have to be to let a loser like that hit you? very. very low. do you see now? see what? that you deserve better. it's not that i deserve better. i am better. than who? than you. and lyle. molly! molly! you're a perfect match. why did i not see that?
4:47 pm
are you mad about the sex tape? you know i did it to help you. i don't care why you did it. that's your problem. you're in denial, molls. take a good look at yourself.that's your problem. a sweet little waif holding a stick. that's all you are. molly! nothing more. aah! [crash] hey. you ok? uhh!
4:48 pm
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all the goodness of milk, all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. ok, thanks, garcia. so dr. weingold opened jane's files. she can't release details, but she said there honestly aren't many. jane never admitted to being a cutter, let alone what triggered it. she started acting out after she lost her grdparents. arrested for vandalism, removed from 2 foster homes for destruction of property. desperate attempts to get attention. is that why she started cutting, another cry for help? cutting is about control, similar to anorexia. it's common in teenage girls who feel like they have no control over their lives. her grandparents' deaths were probably the trigger. the loss of parental figures at such a young age turns your world upside down. there's a lot of pain, but no outlet.
4:53 pm
no one's in charge. both molly and gail can relate to that. jane used them to convince herself she's important. more than that, she thinks she's a selfless savior. instead of an orphan that no one claimed. stop! stop... help. please, please. stop--
4:54 pm
man down. morgan: it's clear here. clear. well, he's not cold yet, so we may have just missed her. after a confrontation like that, she'll want to go someplace familiar, someplace she feels in control. reid: i'll let hotch know we're headed to the lake. there'll be no more pain. no more self-loathing. you'll go into the lake and you'll feel loved. ani'll go on to help others who are lost. how far is onondaga lake from jane's house? we're 2 minutes away. send the nearest patrol car.
4:55 pm
jane gould! fbi! let her go! move away from the girl and get your hands above your head. she'll drown if i let go! no, she won't. move away now! jane! put it down! [gasping] help me! help me! please help me! please... ohh! stop! molly! help...
4:56 pm
she's in bad shape, but she's stable. molly. molly! dad... oh, by. there's so many things i want to tell you, so many things i want you to know. i love you so much. you have to understand! all i wanted to do was help her. i love you, too. oh, baby. prentiss: "there is no chance, no destiny, no fate
4:57 pm
that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul." ella wheeler wilcox. [cell phone beeps]
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